Purchasing Agreement Tracker

Track your purchasing agreement obligations and commitments

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One dashboard for your purchasing commitments

Get notified of volume commitments, rebates, and discounts based on your company's current spend

Q2 2023 Purchases

  • Wood Pallets

    Jun 5, 2023


  • Packaging tape

    Jun 4, 2023


  • Personal protective equipment

    May 27, 2023


Gross Purchases


Smart alerts

AI-powered pattern analysis that notifies you when you are at risk of not meeting volume commitments or when you are about to reach a volume rebate
  • Get notified when you are in danger of not meeting volume commitments
  • AI vendor categorization that learns from prior transactions
  • ERP integrations to seamlessly ingest your transactions

Capitalize on your negotiation efforts

Procurement teams spend weeks negotiating the best deal. Make sure you capitalize on them by tracking your obligations and commitments
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